Nome | Name: CH Justcoons Texas Ranger ("Nego")
Origem | Origin: Alemanha | Germany
Pedigree FFB LO: 28902
Criador | Breeder: Katharina Mager
Nascimento | Born: 23/03/2009 | March, 23 - 2009
Cor | Color: Black - n


Kitty-Up Wyatt Earp
MCO ns
RW-SGC Kitty-Up Skrimshander of Mannahatta
MCO ns
GIC Kitty-Up Geronimo
MCO ds 22
GC Kitty-Up Texas Ranger
MCO ds 11
CH Shubacoons Apache of Kitty-Up
MCO f 23
Kitty-Up Black Hills Gold
MCO gs
GC Kitty-Up Texas Ranger
MCO ds 11
CH Kitty-Up Jessy James
MCO ns
Kitty-Up Calimity Jayne
MCO ns 09
GC Olde Chelsea Sheridan
MCO n 09 23
RW-SGC Spitzäcker Pope of Cloistercoon
MCO w 64
GC Lijakae Astor of Olde Chelsea
MCO n 09 23
Mainelyclassic Roxy of Kitty-Up
MCO fs 09
Blueblaze Mystical Merlin
MCO es 09 22
GC Cloistercoon Leah of Mainelyclassic
MCO fs
Justcoons Blue Supreme
Aloa Nifty Wolf
MCO as
CH Allycoons Bright Star
MCO es
Belushies Utha
MCO es 22
Shanty Autumn Bliss
MCO g 23
Mountaineer Wannaway Jezebel
MCO g 22
CH Coonshine Skagway
MCO n 23
CozyCoon Tiwanna
Langstteich No'Velle
Langstteich P'Non Plus Ultra
MCO as
Langstteich C.C. O'Predicat
H.T.Exclusiv Atlantica
MCO gs
Langstteich DD'Ambiente
Langstteich Dream-Dandy
MCO d 22
Langstteich L'Panorama
MCO ns 22