Nascidos em 23.12.2013 | Born in December, 23 - 2013

LB Master Luan
MCO n (s?) 22

CH Justcoons
Do Mani
MCO n 22
Vens Passion
Kaiser Barbossa 
MCO ds 22
Langstteich L'Playback
MCO n 09 22
Volcana Alwaro
MCO d 22
DD'Doris Day
MCO f 22
Langstteich Dream-Dandy
MCO d 22
Langstteich R'Daily-News
MCO f 22
CH LB Master Ivy
MCO n 22

CH Justcoons
Texas Ranger

Kitty-Up Wyatt Earp
MCO ns
Justcoons Blue Supreme
IC LB Master Cléo 
MCO f 22
IC Apache of Kudo´s 
MCO d 09 22
CH Arctic Coon´s Zayah 
MCO n 22

High Line
MCO ns 09

Mainefield's Unforgettable
MCO as

Mainefield's Howling Wolf Summerplace Avalon
Galadriela Silvi Cola
Mainefield's Germaine Langstteich's El Corazon
Mainefield's Amelie Poulain
Pillowtalk's Femme Fatale
MCO fs 22 03
Eldon´s Antonio Koontucky Prince of Norway
Ratøyen Dilemma
Emanuell Silvi-Cola Arctic Coon´s Red Hot Chili Pepper
Escape´s Hermione