Nome | Name: Timaracoons High Line
Origem | Origin: Holanda | Netherlands
Pedigree FFB LO: Em breve | Soon
Criador | Breeder: Tiny Amsing
Nascimento | Born: 27/05/2012 | May, 27 - 2012
Cor | Color: Black Smoke W/White - ns 09

Mainefield's Unforgettable
MCO as
Mainefield's Howling Wolf Summerplace Avalon

Q's Blue Bear of Magic Love

Summerplace Tessa

Galadriela Silvi Cola Escape's Never Ending
Chickabee SilviCola
Mainefield's Germaine

Langstteich's El Corazon

Langstteich’s Talisman
Langstteich’s P’Elektra

Mainefield's Amelie Poulain

Mainefield’s Camelot
Island in the Sun the Purrfect Coon

Pillowtalk's Femme Fatale
MCO fs 22 03

Eldon´s Antonio Koontucky Prince of Norway Nascat Sterling Marlin of Koontucky
Koontucky Kodi
Ratøyen Dilemma Arctic Coon Iq Red Rock
Arctic Coon Evita
Emanuell Silvi-Cola Arctic Coon´s Red Hot Chili Pepper Maine Coon Dynasty´s Yukon
Arctic Coon´s Patzy
Escape´s Hermione Koontucky King Arthur of Escape´s
Avicats Astraea Escape´s