Name: Wrevenik Jungle of Vision
Origin: South Africa
FFB LO: 26406
Breeder: Vikki Spacey
Birth Date : 23.01.2004
Color: Black Tortie Tabby - f 21

Jazz came from South Africa and let us all delighted. Even if you are a completely stranger for her she will warm your heart for sure with her sweetest look and then she will lay down asking for your affection. She loves to play ball and when she finds a string, she get crazy to play. She can “watch” TV for hours if she is in your arms… watch out… don’t move a lot or she will start to complain… hihihi
Jazz’s biggest passion was my daughter Raquel and nowadays, neutered and living with Cida, she "adopted" her daughter as new passion =)

By sugestion of our dear friend Doctor Ana Paula, Jazz is living with her friend Cida, now our friend too =)