Name: BR* LB Master Holly
Origin: Brazil
FFB LO: 23863
Breeder: Glória Linares
Birth Date : 02.09.2005
Color: Black Silver Blotched Tabby - ns 22

Holly is daughter of Bella and Sahid. She is more affectionate then her mother, sweet and really big for a female.  In spite of sleeping the whole afternoon she can’t stop playing in the mornings and nights. As soon as hears the door opening noise, she rushes to welcome us. She loves to play ball, to stay in our arms and to be kissed. She gets in a bed mood when finds a closed door and jumps till open it. Zayah is her favorite company to run, play in the house and even sleep in my pillow at night. She is very charming and does anything to get my husband’s attention.

Holly is living with our friends and buyers Solange and Silvio that bought from us LB Master Dara =)